I really recommend buying a whole piece of parmesan.  Don't buy parmesan that has already been grated as it is processed and also has sometimes additives.



 8 servings

cooking time

8 minutes

prep Time

7 minutes

total time

15 minutes


Parmesan is the only ingredient needed to make these cheese crisps.


Micro grater is a tool used to grate things really fine.  Silpat mat or baking mat is used mostly for baking

Grating the Parmesan

Start grating the parmesan over the baking sheet as evenly as possible.

Grating the Parmesan

Cover the entire baking sheet with a thin layer of parmesan and then repeat with a second layer.

Make sure you aren't able to see the baking mat through the layers of parmesan, if you can, then you will need to add another layer.

baking the parmesan

Bake the tray ina pre-heat the oven at 190°C (375°F).

allow it to cool completely before breaking the parmesan sheet into smaller pieces.

what to use them for

Use them for salads, soups, cheese boards or just as a snack.

Like on top of this roasted fig salad